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The Parsortix team combines the technical creativity of the inventor of the original core technology, with extensive experience in company creation and growth, and technology commercialization.

Parsortix is part of ANGLE plc ( ANGLE specialises in the commercialisation of technology and provides specialised management as a service to the technology based businesses in which it invests. This is reflected in the Management of Parsortix.

Andrew Newland is the founder and Chief Executive of ANGLE and the Chairman of Parsortix Inc. He has an MA in Engineering Science from the University of Cambridge, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. After working with the engineering conglomerate, TI plc, he worked for KPMG from 1982 to 1994; from 1985 to 1987 he was based in the US as a manager providing corporate finance and business advice to high technology firms in the area around Route 128, Boston, Massachusetts. From 1987 to 1994 he worked for KPMG in the UK with responsibility for establishing KPMG's UK and European High Technology Practices and High Technology Consulting Group. Andrew founded ANGLE in 1994. Together with ANGLE's senior management team, since 1999 Andrew has founded and led eleven other technology companies in partnership with world class research organisations, both in the UK and the US. Andrew has been instrumental in developing and then delivering the business proposition for these companies, building management teams, raising finance and securing revenues.

Dr Shane Booth is the Chief Executive and President of Parsortix Inc. Since joining ANGLE in 1997 to lead our management of a biotechnology business incubator for Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire, Shane Booth has been active across our core business areas of consulting on regional and national technology strategy, and the management of innovation based regional development programmes and infrastructure. Shane's professional roots are in biomedical research which he performed at the University of York, the Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle, and as a member of the former AFRC. This, and his experience of business development in technology based sectors, combine perfectly in our most fundamental activity; the use of technology and innovation as a tool of business development. In addition to directing our management contracts in the biotechnology and healthcare fields he has contributed substantially to international activities including consulting and management contracts in Jamaica and the Middle East. All of these have benefited from his abilities in creative thinking, project management, business and market analysis, and diplomacy.

Dr George Hvichia the company’s founder, is Chief Technology Officer of Parsortix Inc. Dr Hvichia was trained in Bioengineering and is an expert in Micro-fluidics and Biochips. He has developed micro-devices for industry and in academic settings. He has authored several peer-reviewed publications on micro-devices, and was instrumental in the development of the Parsortix portfolio of issued and pending patents.

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